Encouraging the Encourager

A Conversation With Pastor's Wives hosted by Sheretta West

September 3, 2020 | 7:00PM CST Via Zoom

Featured Guest: Debra Morton

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I’m sure like me, you probably thought by now we would have returned to the life we once knew as normal; our old habits and routines.    We are six months into this COVID season and not much has changed.  How are you doing?  What life adjustments are you making?  What are your plans moving forward? 

Join me in a candid conversation with Pastor/Co-Pastor Debra B. Morton.  She is ready to answer your hard questions and speak encouragement into your life.  We will have a live chat, please feel free to send your questions and concerns early.

Invite another Pastors’ wife and let’s have a rich dialogue. 

-Sheretta West


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