Order My Steps Volume I: Learning to Walk the Path that’s Ordered by God

A 6-Week Bible Study and Journal for Women
In this study, you will discover you do not have to wander aimlessly through life.  Jesus, the Good Shepherd wants to order the steps of your life; guiding you safely through the valleys, over the mountains and down the path of righteousness. Enjoy the journey!
Order my steps in thy word; and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.  Psalm 119:133 (KJV)


Order My Steps Volume II: Walking in Confidence with God

The closer you walk with God; He will graciously reveal more of Himself to you. Your heart will open to receive His loving guidance and each new day His presence will be reflected in your life. As the Good Shepherd leads you on new paths and deeper into His Word, you will learn to trust Him more and rely on Him solely to order your daily steps.  It is a beautiful walk of faith. Place your confidence in God and enjoy the journey!

Order My Steps Volume III: Walking in Daily Communion with God

A 6-Week Devotional and Bible Study for Women
This 30-day devotional study will not be a casual stroll.   It will be a transforming journey.  Rich!  Rewarding!  Empowering! Each devotional section will be relatable and will offer life-applicable principles, accompanied with biblical truths to fold into your everyday life.  The study questions at the end of each reading will challenge you to think, reflect, pray, search introspectively, and go deeper into the Word of God.  The more your walk in communion with Him; praying, meditating, worshiping… the more of Himself He graciously reveals to you.  

RSVP – Replying to Jesus’ invitation

In Matthew 11:28, Jesus extends a loving invitation to come to Him, all who are weary and burdened.  Now, that’s an honorable invitation!  As you reply to Jesus’ personal invite, this guided prayer journal will lead you to write your prayers, meditate on the scriptures, pray prayers, make petitions, and plan monthly and quarterly prayer goals.  There is space to write healing, financial, and gratitude notes and develop a self-care plan.  Did you RSVP?  If not, it’s time to reply.  Jesus has a special seat reserved just for you.